Margarita on the move
Our track record as instructors of aerobics in our own gyms that we use to manage in latin america, together with the close interaction that we experience with fitness fans, enabled us to understand the dissatisfaction of our colleagues and clients with the styles available during those times.the quality and the comfort of the clothes did not meet the expectations that fitness fans had.

Due to this fact, Margarita was born.

With the help of our colleagues and friends, we created a brand that provides the needs of all fans.besides, we developed a new visual and esthetic style inspired by contemporary fashion. 

It was a real challenge that incorporates a varied palette of latin colors.based on the premise that big things are made of small details, we sought to improve the look of the modern woman.

The company
Located in northern part of Israel, a region surrounding by mountains and by the coast line of the mediterranean, we get inspired every day to create an up to date models.

we did that to enable our confection to amaze and revitalize a market that keeps offering more of the same.

We didnt stop to look after the costs when it comes to design a new margarita styles. the investment in new technologies is permanently employed.

The company was established on the base of the creativity of two dreamers, very small capital and only two sewing machines in a 30 square meters yard.As for today, our employees work under the best working .conditions

During the past 10 years we doubled our production year after year and nowadays we demonstrate presence in all 5 continents.it makes us proud to know that today one can see women in the streets of Singapore, Johannesburg, Los Angeles, Sydney or Paris dressed with margaritas fabulous design, which continue flourishing on and on.